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@JohnBonacic @LeaderFlanagan @JeffKleinNY Pass SWEAT in the Senate to help workers and good businesses! #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATbill
Wage theft like this happens way too often in New York state. The SWEAT bill will help workers collect the wages they have earned. Urge your Senator to pass the SWEAT bill! Visit for more information. #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATBill

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Write a Letter or Call Your State Elected Officials to Support NYS A628/S579 NYS A628/S579 (Secure Wage Earned Against Theft, ‘SWEAT’ bill) will greatly improve workers’ ability to secure owed wages by closing loopholes in the law that allow law-breaking employers to avoid paying on court judgments and orders by the Department of Labor. WeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

from the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign: Rally Against Wage Theft!

PASS THE SWEAT BILL NOW!   Rally, Wednesday, April 5, 5:30pm In front of Manhattan Valley, 2636 Broadway (& 100th St.) Workers of Indus Valley Restaurant came together to demand their bosses, Phuman and Lakhvir Singh, stop stealing their wages. They worked more than 60 hours per week, paid as little as $3/hour and neverContinue Reading

Times Union: With minimum wage passed, advocates look to wage theft issue Fresh off their victory in pushing for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, a group of advocates on Monday rolled out a proposal to deter wage theft, or instances in which employers don’t pay for all the hours worked by their employees or add extra deductionsContinue Reading