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Where To Go Spearfishing In The UK

Where To Go Spearfishing In The UK

The UK boasts of scenic coastlines nice for spearfishing from Cornwall, Porthoustock to Swanpool. Look for these decent coastlines and explore! There are however, local hot spots around the UK to as well engage spearfishing.

Before going spearfishing you need a few equipments necessary for Spearfishing: speargun, fins, weight belt, gloves, snorkel…and wetsuits. Read more how to get the best wetsuits for spearfishing here

And there are courses customize according to locations in the UK, you can undertake before engaging spearfishing in the UK.

Moreover, there are restrictions on certain fish such as salmon, and you may need a license to spearfish in some locations such as Alderney as well as a license to use a Speargun. But for Cornwall, Porthoustock and Swanpool you are good to go!

Spearfishing in Cornwall in the UK

Majority of locations in the South Coast are great for spearfishing but Cornwall is considered the best, and is touristy. Cornwall boasts of picturesque coastline that attracts tourists, and apart from the exploration that it offers is spearfish. This is a great coastline to chase the bass.

Spearfishing in Cornwall coastline could be a little bit challenging due to the presence of reefs; however, it is a nice spot that encourages the breeding of all kind of fishes to maximize your spearfishing pleasure. You are sure to catch a good number of good fish in the region coast of Cornwall.

Spearfishing in Porthoustock in the UK

If you are a fan of big games then hop to Porthoustock to spearfish large Pollock, large bass, and mullet. Porthoustock is a small village near St Keverne in Cornell on the east coast of Lizard Peninsula.

You would first encounter the small Pollock and bass right on the pebbles. Though, the area is popular with seaweed, but is not enough to stop you from chasing mullet as long as you keep your knife with you.

A deeper dive will get you to the home of big bass often found resting in the sandy beds within the seaweed, as well as big Pollock though; you have some rock formations to manoeuvre around the area.

However, you have to watch for other fishermen’s floatline, also adhere strictly to the rules of the local so to have smooth spearfishing experience in Porthoustock.

Spearfishing in Swanpool in the UK

The favourite tourists spot to catch species of fish such as bass, Pollock, mullet, and mackerel. Swanpool is a small coastal lagoon located near the town of Falmouth on the south coast of Cornwell. It is also good to know that there is a notable building in Swanpool that harbours the American forces during the Second World War.

But that is not our emphasis on this article; it is on how to explore this area to catch your favourite game. The bass is often found lying down in the sandy shallows perhaps snoozing after taking enjoying a nice meal.

You might want to also explore the bay, however, you have to be careful around this spot for it attracts many fishermen, thus, get entangled with their floatline, and that is the reason is necessary to go with your knife, so to easily cut yourself away from the entanglement.

Spearfishing in Alderney

Spearfishing is great in Alderney for the summer and it is amazing as well. It boasts of nice little places to spearfish, however, spearfishing in Alderney is slightly challenging with an enormous tidal stream of about 14mph. Moreover, many a ship over the years has been damaged on this Island including the “Titanic of the channel islands”.

However is excellent for spearfishing and is a place you would love to go to explore the bass and all kind of other fish.

Alderney is a British crown dependency located about 100 km from the south coast of Great Britain, and it as well located in the north of the inhabited Channel Islands, thus, the third largest island in the channel island, and the second largest in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

In conclusion

The UK boasts of scenic spots worthy of spearfishing and these spots are however touristy. Try visiting spots such as Cornwall, Alderney, Swanpool and Porthoustock for small games and big games with the likes of, Pollock, mullet, and mackerel, however, these spots are reefy and rocky, but in general, is a wonderful experience to engage spearfishing in the UK.