Why Fishing Is Better Than Hunting

Why Fishing Is Better Than Hunting

Why Fishing Is Better Than Hunting

Hunting is a recreational activity to trap and kill animals such as deer, quail and rabbit while fishing is a recreational activity of catching fish such as blue fin, sprout and snook.

Some will say they prefer hunting to fishing and vice versa but I will say fishing is better than hunting. The rules and regulations of hunting is enough to be fed up with hunting, rules like you must have a license, you must know how to shoot gun e.t.c-very stressful and challenging not to mention the safety rules.

I believe fishing is a gentle man’s game, drop down your hook and expect a blue fin or snook to be dangling all over your hook and at the same time, the cool breeze is refreshing your soul-what is more fun and enjoyable than this?

In fact, if you are face with anxiety or you are suffering from depression, I suggest you; engage fishing because, study has proved that engaging nature is a terrible weapon in conquering anxiety and depression. Though, hunting is okay too but, fishing is better in this case.

It is not a debate but a fact that, fishing is better to engage than hunting and you will agree with me from the reasons below.

Reasons fishing is better than hunting

The rules

Hunting rules are alarming and discouraging, although, fishing too has its rules but fishing rules are just to guide you in preserving nature, come to think of it, there won’t be any fish left for fishing if those regulations and rules are not put in place.

Moreover, there are much public water bodies around to do your fishing and it won’t also be a bad idea if you engage private water bodies, if you have your fishing license and it is very easy to obtain one, compare to hunting license, provided you are or above 18.

You can even purchase online depending on your locality, at a cheaper price by providing your identification and personal information.

Fishing for multiple species

In fishing, you have the opportunity of catching fish of different species in just one water body. Unlike hunting that you may end with only one game.

Fishing requires no strength and energy

In fishing, strength or energy is your least worry because fishing does not require any special skill, strength or energy. However, you must be ready to receive tips from veteran in this field.

However, it is okay for all to participate in fishing, compare to hunting, which requires great skills and physical strength. In fact you have to be educated in hunting, before you can engage it.

Fishing offers relaxation

Fishing relaxes your mind unlike hunting- you are perturbed on how to hunt your game.

In conclusion, fishing is better than hunting, however, it depends on what you want and what turns you on if it is fishing, go for it and if it is hunting- go through the necessary training and engage it. The most important thing is fun and enjoyment.