Which Hunting Dog Is Best For Me?

Which Hunting Dog Is Best For Me?

Which Hunting Dog Is Best For Me?

It is a misrepresentation in the part of dogs to thought they are only meant to serve as pets common! They are also good for hunting through their ability to use object’s scent.

However, not all dogs are good for hunting-there are special breed of dog that are meant for this purpose such as Labrador retriever, Golden retriever and Weimaraner, all these and more are the dog breeds we will be giving you information on even as you take your time to read further.

Dogs best for hunting

Blood hound

These dogs are ruthless in their operation, you can trust them to help track and recover shot down animals.

They are all surpassing in tracking animals and trailing wanted persons for law enforcement or rescue operations. And with their ruthlessness, no would have thought they could be calm and affectionate surprisingly, they are.

Labrador Retriever

This dog is good for duck hunting, even from their name, they made it to one of the best hunting dog because of their capability and the energy they possess to go any mile to retrieve any shot game.

They can withstand intense temperature; in fact they will go longer days if you cover them with a large coat to shield them from cold and it thus, leave room for more activity especially in a big ranch, where there are lots of games to engage.

But do ensure you feed them well for they can pounce on your game to eat without your permission.


Beagles are highly friendly, they are comfortable on sofa and in the kids’ room, however, they are much more comfortable in the woods, to show their appreciation, they will be jumping all over you.

They are very excellent in rabbit hunting whether single beagle group-they move in a co-ordinate manner through the briers or brambles and this is due to their intelligence in using their sense of smell.

Golden retriever

Another breed of the family, retriever.

They are also excellent for small game hunting, such as rooster hunting; they are good as pets and also up doing when it comes to hunting.

This dog is energetic, rugged but also affectionate and handsome and they can naturally do and love swimming however, some cannot, but they can be trained to swim, but be careful not to make them drown while training. Their ability to swim gives them advantage to help retrieve and birds in water or river.


Don’t be deceived with their long legs for, they are excellent hunting dog.

They are good in hunting quail, pheasant or any type of bird with their speed and calmness. Weimaraner dogs are exclusive with their elegant look.

American foxhound

The American variety of fox hound is similar to long legged beagle, the weight of the male species vary form about to 65-75 pounds. They do not have any ability to serve as watch dog but they are relentless as a hunting dog.

They relentlessly make use of fox’s scent in their pursuit of fox, they will follow the scent until they got it, and they are well prepared if the fox turn it to a race- they will race with the fox and catch and dissemble them within a second, however, in some cases, the fox may get rid of them but they are the most ruthless out of the hounds you can name.


If your game is raccoon then these hunters with an incredible sharp nose will be your most trusted companion. This dog will follow you through difficult terrain to help you fish out your game.





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