What Camping Equipments Do I Need?

What Camping Equipments Do I Need?

What Camping Equipments Do I Need?

You are about getting ready for your camping trip and you are a little bit worried, concerned or curious as to which camping equipments needed to make your trip worthwhile, do not worry, I got you covered .

The kind of equipments you need for your camping trip depends on the type of camping trip you are embarking on and also the type of activity you would engage during the camping although, I will give you the general and essential camping equipments needed for various camping trips but then, you have to match it with the ones that best fit your trip.

 Camping gears everyone needs

There are some essential camping equipments you should consider taking to your trip In respective of the camping trips you are embarking on, they include:


Very important, you will need something to shield you and sleep in, so a tent should be no 1 on your list. When go shopping for a tent have this in mind- tents comes in different types and sizes depending on your type of camp trip and the season in which you are embarking on the trip.

If your trip is to take place in the winter then the 3- season type of tent would be essential while 4-seasons tent are more essential during snow fall.

Tents also come in sizes, an ultra light tent would be best for hitchhiking and the heavier tents that comes with comfort would be nice for car camping. You will also need stakes and guy lines to support your tent and a guy line to prevent your tent from falling also tent footprint, placed below your tent would be essential especially during the rainy season to block out water.

Sleeping bags and sleeping pads:

Every camper always desires comfortability, comfortability just like home and that is why shopping for the best sleeping pad and bag is necessary.

A sleeping bag is light weight comfortable bedding that provides warmth for its utilizes through its synthetic insulation and it is moderately water repellant and is okay to carry along for camping, climbing and hiking. 

The bottom of sleeping bag also provide some cushioning but sleeping pad is made primarily for this purpose, to provide cushioning and insulation in order to get a nice rest in the open air and you can trust her to make you warm throughout the night. 

There are various types of sleeping pads depending on the activity:

Car camping

For camping you need all the cushioning you can get so a self-inflating pad or air thick pad will do the needful although bulkier and heavier.

Back packing or kayak

Air pad or light weight self inflating pad will do. Their light weight will do the magic and offer you the necessary comfortability.

Through hiking

Shop for closed-cell foam pad, very durable and comfortable.

Winter camping

For your winter camping, go for a well-insulated air pad or self-inflated pad, their synthetic fiber and down insulation makes them fit for this purpose.

Flashlights or head light

This is very important, what can you do without light? Nothing, you need light to see through the outer darkness, to make visible those harmful animals that hide under darkness, so when going for any camping activity look for a sturdy and reliable flash light or head light.

Paper map

Getting a paper map of where your camp location is very essential because there is a great possibility that there won’t be network service in that location so in order not to get lost in the middle of no-where wisdom teaches us to go along with a paper map even though you will go along with a standardized GPS (Global Positioning System) you still need a map.

You can get the map from the ranger station near any park or better still you can print them online.

First aid kit

This should be carried everywhere you go not only for camping- I believe you agree with me however, For your camping include bandages, plaster, iodine, medical tape-to hold the bandages on, instant ice pack, Neosporin, you can also go along anti-diarrhea pills and also aspirin, also worthy of inclusion is mole skins for blisters, scissors and gloves.

Camp boots and shoes

Hiking boots have proved to be the most essential camp boots although your normal sneakers can navigate some certain region but to navigate a very rough terrain, you will need a shoe that offer more stability, paddling and support for your ankle and hiking boot provides just that. Hiking boot can also be put on for hunting and backpacking.

There are three main types of hiking boot with different functions: 

Trail shoes

Trail shoes are suited for day hiking because of their light weight and relatively durability.

Trail hikers

Very sturdy and water tight, you can step into the mud with this boot.

Hiking boots

These are designed for mountaineering, hill walking and also backpacking. They are totally strong and durable. They have solid soles which give the ankle support when going through rocky path.

Others you may consider taking along with you include: compass, pencil, and in case of emergency- knife, high frequency whistle and flint rod.

For maximum fun filled you might want to engage some outdoor cooking therefore going with the necessary kitchen equipments like fuel, fire starter, stove , coffee making equipments, pans, pots, bowls, plates, cleaning cloths and others you thought would be important in making your camping interesting.