How To Start Hunting For Beginner

How To Start Hunting For Beginner

How To Start Hunting For Beginner

Unlike every other recreational activity, hunting requires intensive know-how on how to go about it. In fact, in some countries like the USA you will need to have a license and before the license is given, you have to show yourself approved by showing some hunting skills.

All these and many more are provided in this article as our quota towards helping you attain a maximum pleasure through hunting.

Hunter training’s course

Has a start to hunting, you have to enroll for hunter’s training course. Every country provides a training course for prospective hunters in their country, from equipment and clothing, bush travel and navigation, fire arms safety, river safety, what to do when things go wrong to range shooting.

All these topics are very valuable towards achieving a care and free hunting. Like I said every country with their regulations even some state rules differ from each other and you have to be a certified hunter in that state before you can be allows hunting, such is the case of Wyoming– a state in the mountain region of western United States.

This training’s course can only be taken only by 18+ however, teenagers can participate but with guardian approval.

Practice gun usage

Before you can even get a hunter license you will need to know how to shoot that means you need a gun. If you do not have a  gun, you can use your friend or relatives gun and if you they do not have, you can visit your local shooting range and tell them you want to be a champ in shooting at least for hunting and you don’t have a gun, they could be of help.

Gather all you need to learn and know about gun usage after getting the gun and ensure you get a professional( the professional can be your friend or instructor), that knows how to use the gun effectively and efficiently and should be friendly well most gun shooter love to see more people engage gun shooting.

Practice often, they say- practice makes perfect, the more you practice the more you become perfect in it even beyond Jack Bauer– on a lighter mood. 

Tips on hunting

Now let’s do some hunting, hunting won’t be that easy for a beginner, at times it could be frustrating especially when you are not making a catch so easily however, we are here to tip you on how to make your hunting exercise worthwhile.

Try one type of animal first: just like John Wanamaker said it “One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time”, in my own words, you can gain mastery on how to hunt all animals by starting with one. 

You’ve got several hunting game opportunities in your locality such as deer, pig, bear, and you want to hunt them all just follow my quote, start with one.

So many beginners are caught up in frustration when trying to use their rifle on every animal that their cross path. You won’t enjoy it that way. Pick space, and do some studies on it, study like:

  • Study everything about the animal including their natural habitat, mating habits, eating habits and how to track and know the appearance of their scat.
  • Do some studies on where the species is likely to be found.

Focus on a small area first: Sticking to a small area first will help you gain more experience to engage wide areas although, animals like bear tend to scatter around the field and you will need to go wide but as a beginner don’t be tempted to do so.

I will advise you to start with stationary hunts, for example, look for a location that favors your game trail and allow it to cross your path instead of moving around.

In that position, you will get to be familiar with the animal or the game that passes the trail also get to learn how to hunt them during your future engagement and also get to learn how to minimize your noise so not to distract your activity.

Understand the behavior of your game– This relates to how animals behave in their natural environments. For instance, some animals are nocturnal i.e. they only operate in the night and while some are diurnal i.e. they operate both day and night so knowing this will aid you in knowing where to look at.

Invariably hunting deals with finding animals and engaging them and to engage you to need to find them.