How Fishing Is Important In Coastal Areas

How Fishing Is Important In Coastal Areas

How Fishing Is Important In Coastal Areas

Coastal areas are areas close to the seas and they are distinguished by their extreme biological diversity, which means, they are in pole position to receive more values from natural habitat.

Besides, richest ecosystems on the face of the land are found in the coastal areas which include, mangroves, coral reefs, and estuaries and they provide support for mankind through food provisions, protection from the storm, water filtration,  regulation of nutrient and also pharmaceuticals opportunities.

The Coastal areas over years have been visited by tourists and tourism has been a source of income in the coastal areas but much more than tourism is fishing.

Fishery stands as the major source of income in the coastal areas and has reduced unemployment drastically.

For instance, India, fishing is a major trade in the coastal areas of India with about 14 million people employed; as a matter of fact, India exports approximately 10 -50,000 metric tons of fish to about 75 countries, thereby boasting of over 5.51 billion USD.  

The economic benefits is not just restricted to India, all countries that boast of coastal regions also boasts of huge revenue from fishing industry including China-the country that accounts for one-third of the world’s fish production also benefits economically from the fishing industry generating about $279 billion USD, as well as employing over 14 million people.

African countries such as Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania are also benefiting economically from the fishing industry.

Of certainty, fish has brought huge benefits to mankind not just economic benefits but also food, employment and notable development into the coastal areas.

Importance of fishing to coastal areas


A large number of coastal communities generate huge income from fishing industry; the transport of fish over large distance coupled with modern processing techniques has caused the demand for fish even away from the coast to skyrocket. For instance in USA, about 27 billion USD are generated per year.

Also in the Asian continent when fishing is popular, considering Indian and China who boasts of huge revenue from fishing of about 5.51 billion USD and 279 billion USD respectively.

Commercial fishing also contributes to the well being of some coastal communities in Africa. For instance, Tanzania, nationally earns about 4 to 8 million TZS from the commission gotten from exports and is of a high probability that it can be more than that if the nation can work more on improving the management plan.

According to the Tanzania Beural of statistics, 2010), fishing contributes about 1.4% to the GDP of Tanzania. Also, fishing has been a pivotal contribution to Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) contributing about 30% as at 2007 and it only gets better.

It is crystal clear that fishing in the coastal areas has brought huge economic benefit to the coastal areas of both developed and developing countries.


Fishing alone has the energy of driving huge business development, remodeling the rural coastal areas through the revenue generated from fishing and thereby leads to massive employment. 

Globally, employment through fishing amounts to about 50 million individuals in the catching sector and about 210 million in the processing sector according to Teh and Sumaila, 2011.

It is not just developed countries like China and USA that boasts of high employment rate through fishing in coastal areas also the developing countries like Indonesia.

According to food and agriculture organization (FAO) about 2.6 million people are employed in capture fisheries while about 3.4 million people are employed in fish farming in Indonesia.

Other Developing countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, and India also has something to thank for in regard to reduction in employment through fishing activities in their coastal areas.


Tourists come around coastal areas to behold different kinds of fish and probably do fish hunting. Notable coastal areas and what they offer:

Cape Town South Africa

It would be a great time visiting Cape Town maybe during your vacation. Cape Town is the perfect spot to hunt yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Mako and blue sharks.


Apart from the beautiful structure that makes Dubai a country to seek for, you can also visit the gulf and let your hand do some little catching of Grouper, Sailfish, Spanish mackerel, Dorado, and Snapper.

Zanzibar Tanzania

You might also want to visit Tanzania to fish hunt Yellow fin Tuna, Sail fish and black marine.

San Diego

San Diego is known for deep-sea fishing of billfish and tuna.


The benefit of coastal areas in regard to food cannot be overemphasized. The coastal areas provide fish and other seafoods for mankind to consume. Fish is rich in protein, it lowers fat in the body, and in fact, it plays a major role in the regulation of blood clotting and vessel constriction and reduction of tissue inflammation. All thanks to fishing in the coastal areas.





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