Where To Go Spearfishing In The UK

Where To Go Spearfishing In The UK

Where To Go Spearfishing In The UK

The UK boasts of scenic coastlines nice for spearfishing from Cornwall, Porthoustock to Swanpool. Look for these decent coastlines and explore! There are however, local hot spots around the UK to as well engage spearfishing.

Before going spearfishing you need a few equipments necessary for Spearfishing: speargun, fins, weight belt, gloves, snorkel…and wetsuits. Read more how to get the best wetsuits for spearfishing here

And there are courses customize according to locations in the UK, you can undertake before engaging spearfishing in the UK.

Moreover, there are restrictions on certain fish such as salmon, and you may need a license to spearfish in some locations such as Alderney as well as a license to use a Speargun. But for Cornwall, Porthoustock and Swanpool you are good to go!

Spearfishing in Cornwall in the UK

Majority of locations in the South Coast are great for spearfishing but Cornwall is considered the best, and is touristy. Cornwall boasts of picturesque coastline that attracts tourists, and apart from the exploration that it offers is spearfish. This is a great coastline to chase the bass.

Spearfishing in Cornwall coastline could be a little bit challenging due to the presence of reefs; however, it is a nice spot that encourages the breeding of all kind of fishes to maximize your spearfishing pleasure. You are sure to catch a good number of good fish in the region coast of Cornwall.

Spearfishing in Porthoustock in the UK

If you are a fan of big games then hop to Porthoustock to spearfish large Pollock, large bass, and mullet. Porthoustock is a small village near St Keverne in Cornell on the east coast of Lizard Peninsula.

You would first encounter the small Pollock and bass right on the pebbles. Though, the area is popular with seaweed, but is not enough to stop you from chasing mullet as long as you keep your knife with you.

A deeper dive will get you to the home of big bass often found resting in the sandy beds within the seaweed, as well as big Pollock though; you have some rock formations to manoeuvre around the area.

However, you have to watch for other fishermen’s floatline, also adhere strictly to the rules of the local so to have smooth spearfishing experience in Porthoustock.

Spearfishing in Swanpool in the UK

The favourite tourists spot to catch species of fish such as bass, Pollock, mullet, and mackerel. Swanpool is a small coastal lagoon located near the town of Falmouth on the south coast of Cornwell. It is also good to know that there is a notable building in Swanpool that harbours the American forces during the Second World War.

But that is not our emphasis on this article; it is on how to explore this area to catch your favourite game. The bass is often found lying down in the sandy shallows perhaps snoozing after taking enjoying a nice meal.

You might want to also explore the bay, however, you have to be careful around this spot for it attracts many fishermen, thus, get entangled with their floatline, and that is the reason is necessary to go with your knife, so to easily cut yourself away from the entanglement.

Spearfishing in Alderney

Spearfishing is great in Alderney for the summer and it is amazing as well. It boasts of nice little places to spearfish, however, spearfishing in Alderney is slightly challenging with an enormous tidal stream of about 14mph. Moreover, many a ship over the years has been damaged on this Island including the “Titanic of the channel islands”.

However is excellent for spearfishing and is a place you would love to go to explore the bass and all kind of other fish.

Alderney is a British crown dependency located about 100 km from the south coast of Great Britain, and it as well located in the north of the inhabited Channel Islands, thus, the third largest island in the channel island, and the second largest in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

In conclusion

The UK boasts of scenic spots worthy of spearfishing and these spots are however touristy. Try visiting spots such as Cornwall, Alderney, Swanpool and Porthoustock for small games and big games with the likes of, Pollock, mullet, and mackerel, however, these spots are reefy and rocky, but in general, is a wonderful experience to engage spearfishing in the UK.

Why Fishing Is Better Than Hunting

Why Fishing Is Better Than Hunting

Hunting is a recreational activity to trap and kill animals such as deer, quail and rabbit while fishing is a recreational activity of catching fish such as blue fin, sprout and snook.

Some will say they prefer hunting to fishing and vice versa but I will say fishing is better than hunting. The rules and regulations of hunting is enough to be fed up with hunting, rules like you must have a license, you must know how to shoot gun e.t.c-very stressful and challenging not to mention the safety rules.

I believe fishing is a gentle man’s game, drop down your hook and expect a blue fin or snook to be dangling all over your hook and at the same time, the cool breeze is refreshing your soul-what is more fun and enjoyable than this?

In fact, if you are face with anxiety or you are suffering from depression, I suggest you; engage fishing because, study has proved that engaging nature is a terrible weapon in conquering anxiety and depression. Though, hunting is okay too but, fishing is better in this case.

It is not a debate but a fact that, fishing is better to engage than hunting and you will agree with me from the reasons below.

Reasons fishing is better than hunting

The rules

Hunting rules are alarming and discouraging, although, fishing too has its rules but fishing rules are just to guide you in preserving nature, come to think of it, there won’t be any fish left for fishing if those regulations and rules are not put in place.

Moreover, there are much public water bodies around to do your fishing and it won’t also be a bad idea if you engage private water bodies, if you have your fishing license and it is very easy to obtain one, compare to hunting license, provided you are or above 18.

You can even purchase online depending on your locality, at a cheaper price by providing your identification and personal information.

Fishing for multiple species

In fishing, you have the opportunity of catching fish of different species in just one water body. Unlike hunting that you may end with only one game.

Fishing requires no strength and energy

In fishing, strength or energy is your least worry because fishing does not require any special skill, strength or energy. However, you must be ready to receive tips from veteran in this field.

However, it is okay for all to participate in fishing, compare to hunting, which requires great skills and physical strength. In fact you have to be educated in hunting, before you can engage it.

Fishing offers relaxation

Fishing relaxes your mind unlike hunting- you are perturbed on how to hunt your game.

In conclusion, fishing is better than hunting, however, it depends on what you want and what turns you on if it is fishing, go for it and if it is hunting- go through the necessary training and engage it. The most important thing is fun and enjoyment.



Which Hunting Dog Is Best For Me?

Which Hunting Dog Is Best For Me?

It is a misrepresentation in the part of dogs to thought they are only meant to serve as pets common! They are also good for hunting through their ability to use object’s scent.

However, not all dogs are good for hunting-there are special breed of dog that are meant for this purpose such as Labrador retriever, Golden retriever and Weimaraner, all these and more are the dog breeds we will be giving you information on even as you take your time to read further.

Dogs best for hunting

Blood hound

These dogs are ruthless in their operation, you can trust them to help track and recover shot down animals.

They are all surpassing in tracking animals and trailing wanted persons for law enforcement or rescue operations. And with their ruthlessness, no would have thought they could be calm and affectionate surprisingly, they are.

Labrador Retriever

This dog is good for duck hunting, even from their name, they made it to one of the best hunting dog because of their capability and the energy they possess to go any mile to retrieve any shot game.

They can withstand intense temperature; in fact they will go longer days if you cover them with a large coat to shield them from cold and it thus, leave room for more activity especially in a big ranch, where there are lots of games to engage.

But do ensure you feed them well for they can pounce on your game to eat without your permission.


Beagles are highly friendly, they are comfortable on sofa and in the kids’ room, however, they are much more comfortable in the woods, to show their appreciation, they will be jumping all over you.

They are very excellent in rabbit hunting whether single beagle group-they move in a co-ordinate manner through the briers or brambles and this is due to their intelligence in using their sense of smell.

Golden retriever

Another breed of the family, retriever.

They are also excellent for small game hunting, such as rooster hunting; they are good as pets and also up doing when it comes to hunting.

This dog is energetic, rugged but also affectionate and handsome and they can naturally do and love swimming however, some cannot, but they can be trained to swim, but be careful not to make them drown while training. Their ability to swim gives them advantage to help retrieve and birds in water or river.


Don’t be deceived with their long legs for, they are excellent hunting dog.

They are good in hunting quail, pheasant or any type of bird with their speed and calmness. Weimaraner dogs are exclusive with their elegant look.

American foxhound

The American variety of fox hound is similar to long legged beagle, the weight of the male species vary form about to 65-75 pounds. They do not have any ability to serve as watch dog but they are relentless as a hunting dog.

They relentlessly make use of fox’s scent in their pursuit of fox, they will follow the scent until they got it, and they are well prepared if the fox turn it to a race- they will race with the fox and catch and dissemble them within a second, however, in some cases, the fox may get rid of them but they are the most ruthless out of the hounds you can name.


If your game is raccoon then these hunters with an incredible sharp nose will be your most trusted companion. This dog will follow you through difficult terrain to help you fish out your game.




What Camping Equipments Do I Need?

What Camping Equipments Do I Need?

You are about getting ready for your camping trip and you are a little bit worried, concerned or curious as to which camping equipments needed to make your trip worthwhile, do not worry, I got you covered .

The kind of equipments you need for your camping trip depends on the type of camping trip you are embarking on and also the type of activity you would engage during the camping although, I will give you the general and essential camping equipments needed for various camping trips but then, you have to match it with the ones that best fit your trip.

 Camping gears everyone needs

There are some essential camping equipments you should consider taking to your trip In respective of the camping trips you are embarking on, they include:


Very important, you will need something to shield you and sleep in, so a tent should be no 1 on your list. When go shopping for a tent have this in mind- tents comes in different types and sizes depending on your type of camp trip and the season in which you are embarking on the trip.

If your trip is to take place in the winter then the 3- season type of tent would be essential while 4-seasons tent are more essential during snow fall.

Tents also come in sizes, an ultra light tent would be best for hitchhiking and the heavier tents that comes with comfort would be nice for car camping. You will also need stakes and guy lines to support your tent and a guy line to prevent your tent from falling also tent footprint, placed below your tent would be essential especially during the rainy season to block out water.

Sleeping bags and sleeping pads:

Every camper always desires comfortability, comfortability just like home and that is why shopping for the best sleeping pad and bag is necessary.

A sleeping bag is light weight comfortable bedding that provides warmth for its utilizes through its synthetic insulation and it is moderately water repellant and is okay to carry along for camping, climbing and hiking. 

The bottom of sleeping bag also provide some cushioning but sleeping pad is made primarily for this purpose, to provide cushioning and insulation in order to get a nice rest in the open air and you can trust her to make you warm throughout the night. 

There are various types of sleeping pads depending on the activity:

Car camping

For camping you need all the cushioning you can get so a self-inflating pad or air thick pad will do the needful although bulkier and heavier.

Back packing or kayak

Air pad or light weight self inflating pad will do. Their light weight will do the magic and offer you the necessary comfortability.

Through hiking

Shop for closed-cell foam pad, very durable and comfortable.

Winter camping

For your winter camping, go for a well-insulated air pad or self-inflated pad, their synthetic fiber and down insulation makes them fit for this purpose.

Flashlights or head light

This is very important, what can you do without light? Nothing, you need light to see through the outer darkness, to make visible those harmful animals that hide under darkness, so when going for any camping activity look for a sturdy and reliable flash light or head light.

Paper map

Getting a paper map of where your camp location is very essential because there is a great possibility that there won’t be network service in that location so in order not to get lost in the middle of no-where wisdom teaches us to go along with a paper map even though you will go along with a standardized GPS (Global Positioning System) you still need a map.

You can get the map from the ranger station near any park or better still you can print them online.

First aid kit

This should be carried everywhere you go not only for camping- I believe you agree with me however, For your camping include bandages, plaster, iodine, medical tape-to hold the bandages on, instant ice pack, Neosporin, you can also go along anti-diarrhea pills and also aspirin, also worthy of inclusion is mole skins for blisters, scissors and gloves.

Camp boots and shoes

Hiking boots have proved to be the most essential camp boots although your normal sneakers can navigate some certain region but to navigate a very rough terrain, you will need a shoe that offer more stability, paddling and support for your ankle and hiking boot provides just that. Hiking boot can also be put on for hunting and backpacking.

There are three main types of hiking boot with different functions: 

Trail shoes

Trail shoes are suited for day hiking because of their light weight and relatively durability.

Trail hikers

Very sturdy and water tight, you can step into the mud with this boot.

Hiking boots

These are designed for mountaineering, hill walking and also backpacking. They are totally strong and durable. They have solid soles which give the ankle support when going through rocky path.

Others you may consider taking along with you include: compass, pencil, and in case of emergency- knife, high frequency whistle and flint rod.

For maximum fun filled you might want to engage some outdoor cooking therefore going with the necessary kitchen equipments like fuel, fire starter, stove , coffee making equipments, pans, pots, bowls, plates, cleaning cloths and others you thought would be important in making your camping interesting.



How Fishing Is Important In Coastal Areas

How Fishing Is Important In Coastal Areas

Coastal areas are areas close to the seas and they are distinguished by their extreme biological diversity, which means, they are in pole position to receive more values from natural habitat.

Besides, richest ecosystems on the face of the land are found in the coastal areas which include, mangroves, coral reefs, and estuaries and they provide support for mankind through food provisions, protection from the storm, water filtration,  regulation of nutrient and also pharmaceuticals opportunities.

The Coastal areas over years have been visited by tourists and tourism has been a source of income in the coastal areas but much more than tourism is fishing.

Fishery stands as the major source of income in the coastal areas and has reduced unemployment drastically.

For instance, India, fishing is a major trade in the coastal areas of India with about 14 million people employed; as a matter of fact, India exports approximately 10 -50,000 metric tons of fish to about 75 countries, thereby boasting of over 5.51 billion USD.  

The economic benefits is not just restricted to India, all countries that boast of coastal regions also boasts of huge revenue from fishing industry including China-the country that accounts for one-third of the world’s fish production also benefits economically from the fishing industry generating about $279 billion USD, as well as employing over 14 million people.

African countries such as Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania are also benefiting economically from the fishing industry.

Of certainty, fish has brought huge benefits to mankind not just economic benefits but also food, employment and notable development into the coastal areas.

Importance of fishing to coastal areas


A large number of coastal communities generate huge income from fishing industry; the transport of fish over large distance coupled with modern processing techniques has caused the demand for fish even away from the coast to skyrocket. For instance in USA, about 27 billion USD are generated per year.

Also in the Asian continent when fishing is popular, considering Indian and China who boasts of huge revenue from fishing of about 5.51 billion USD and 279 billion USD respectively.

Commercial fishing also contributes to the well being of some coastal communities in Africa. For instance, Tanzania, nationally earns about 4 to 8 million TZS from the commission gotten from exports and is of a high probability that it can be more than that if the nation can work more on improving the management plan.

According to the Tanzania Beural of statistics, 2010), fishing contributes about 1.4% to the GDP of Tanzania. Also, fishing has been a pivotal contribution to Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) contributing about 30% as at 2007 and it only gets better.

It is crystal clear that fishing in the coastal areas has brought huge economic benefit to the coastal areas of both developed and developing countries.


Fishing alone has the energy of driving huge business development, remodeling the rural coastal areas through the revenue generated from fishing and thereby leads to massive employment. 

Globally, employment through fishing amounts to about 50 million individuals in the catching sector and about 210 million in the processing sector according to Teh and Sumaila, 2011.

It is not just developed countries like China and USA that boasts of high employment rate through fishing in coastal areas also the developing countries like Indonesia.

According to food and agriculture organization (FAO) about 2.6 million people are employed in capture fisheries while about 3.4 million people are employed in fish farming in Indonesia.

Other Developing countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania, and India also has something to thank for in regard to reduction in employment through fishing activities in their coastal areas.


Tourists come around coastal areas to behold different kinds of fish and probably do fish hunting. Notable coastal areas and what they offer:

Cape Town South Africa

It would be a great time visiting Cape Town maybe during your vacation. Cape Town is the perfect spot to hunt yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Mako and blue sharks.


Apart from the beautiful structure that makes Dubai a country to seek for, you can also visit the gulf and let your hand do some little catching of Grouper, Sailfish, Spanish mackerel, Dorado, and Snapper.

Zanzibar Tanzania

You might also want to visit Tanzania to fish hunt Yellow fin Tuna, Sail fish and black marine.

San Diego

San Diego is known for deep-sea fishing of billfish and tuna.


The benefit of coastal areas in regard to food cannot be overemphasized. The coastal areas provide fish and other seafoods for mankind to consume. Fish is rich in protein, it lowers fat in the body, and in fact, it plays a major role in the regulation of blood clotting and vessel constriction and reduction of tissue inflammation. All thanks to fishing in the coastal areas.




How To Start Hunting For Beginner

How To Start Hunting For Beginner

Unlike every other recreational activity, hunting requires intensive know-how on how to go about it. In fact, in some countries like the USA you will need to have a license and before the license is given, you have to show yourself approved by showing some hunting skills.

All these and many more are provided in this article as our quota towards helping you attain a maximum pleasure through hunting.

Hunter training’s course

Has a start to hunting, you have to enroll for hunter’s training course. Every country provides a training course for prospective hunters in their country, from equipment and clothing, bush travel and navigation, fire arms safety, river safety, what to do when things go wrong to range shooting.

All these topics are very valuable towards achieving a care and free hunting. Like I said every country with their regulations even some state rules differ from each other and you have to be a certified hunter in that state before you can be allows hunting, such is the case of Wyoming– a state in the mountain region of western United States.

This training’s course can only be taken only by 18+ however, teenagers can participate but with guardian approval.

Practice gun usage

Before you can even get a hunter license you will need to know how to shoot that means you need a gun. If you do not have a  gun, you can use your friend or relatives gun and if you they do not have, you can visit your local shooting range and tell them you want to be a champ in shooting at least for hunting and you don’t have a gun, they could be of help.

Gather all you need to learn and know about gun usage after getting the gun and ensure you get a professional( the professional can be your friend or instructor), that knows how to use the gun effectively and efficiently and should be friendly well most gun shooter love to see more people engage gun shooting.

Practice often, they say- practice makes perfect, the more you practice the more you become perfect in it even beyond Jack Bauer– on a lighter mood. 

Tips on hunting

Now let’s do some hunting, hunting won’t be that easy for a beginner, at times it could be frustrating especially when you are not making a catch so easily however, we are here to tip you on how to make your hunting exercise worthwhile.

Try one type of animal first: just like John Wanamaker said it “One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time”, in my own words, you can gain mastery on how to hunt all animals by starting with one. 

You’ve got several hunting game opportunities in your locality such as deer, pig, bear, and you want to hunt them all just follow my quote, start with one.

So many beginners are caught up in frustration when trying to use their rifle on every animal that their cross path. You won’t enjoy it that way. Pick space, and do some studies on it, study like:

  • Study everything about the animal including their natural habitat, mating habits, eating habits and how to track and know the appearance of their scat.
  • Do some studies on where the species is likely to be found.

Focus on a small area first: Sticking to a small area first will help you gain more experience to engage wide areas although, animals like bear tend to scatter around the field and you will need to go wide but as a beginner don’t be tempted to do so.

I will advise you to start with stationary hunts, for example, look for a location that favors your game trail and allow it to cross your path instead of moving around.

In that position, you will get to be familiar with the animal or the game that passes the trail also get to learn how to hunt them during your future engagement and also get to learn how to minimize your noise so not to distract your activity.

Understand the behavior of your game– This relates to how animals behave in their natural environments. For instance, some animals are nocturnal i.e. they only operate in the night and while some are diurnal i.e. they operate both day and night so knowing this will aid you in knowing where to look at.

Invariably hunting deals with finding animals and engaging them and to engage you to need to find them.

How To Hiking While Pregnant

How To Hiking While Pregnant

Hiking is good, lovely, fun and also healthy in so much that everyone wants to participate including the women expecting a baby. Pregnant women often ask the question like- is hiking while pregnant safe? Have a got a very good news for you it is not just safe for you to hike, it is also good for your health and the health of the baby, so mama gets your hiking boots and hit the trail you can even take a couple of friends along for maximum fun and pleasure.

However, before you hit the trail as a pregnant woman visit your doctor for necessary instructions and recommendations but we will do our best here to give you nice tips for hiking while pregnant.

Tips for hiking while pregnant

Do some work-out at home

Engaging some work-out at home will not just prepare your body for pregnancy and labor or keep you active but it will also build up a substantial amount of stamina necessary for you to hit the trail.

Eat often, eat healthily

A couple of snacks will do when you lose some energy. It will also help keep your increased metabolism in check.

Use the trekking poles

Trekking poles will provide some rhythm to your walking pace and stability. Trekking poles will also help you reduced the effect of round ligament pain and help you reduce the fear of falling, slipping and tripping.  You can also employ the help of pregnancy support belt to maintain balance.

Listen to your body

Don’t go beyond your body limit, while hiking. You can challenge yourself no qualms but stop and head back immediately you observe your body is no longer cooperating with your desire nevertheless, don’t beat yourself up because you couldn’t do more just obey the signal your body is giving you so to avoid unnecessary breakdown.

Take a deep breath

During exercise we tend to have a shallow breath well, some do it out of habit or pregnancy whichever, is not good enough for your body. Taking a deep breath always is the bomb.

If you also feel tired while hiking takes a deep breath you will be surprise to see you can still go few more miles.

Take it easy

Take it easy while hiking doesn’t move too fast especially when walking up the hills. Charging yourself up beyond normal may wreck your hiking experience because you will easily get tired and when that happens is advisable not to move further but to return home and get enough rest.

So take it easy on trail whether trailing on the flat or uneven terrain. It is, however, advisable to engage hiking with a partner, apart from the fun that comes with it, your partner will also help you to maintain your speed limit.

Finding a hiking shirt that can keep you cool despite the strong rays of the sun.

Take along plenty water

It is highly essential for you to stay hydrated while hiking so taking along at least a bottle of water will do the magic of staying hydrated

Moreover it is highly important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. In fact, it is advisable to drink a whole lot of water during this period like 80-100 oz of water every day this may lead to often use of toilet nevertheless it will help you maintain good energy and avoid heart palpitations especially when you hike over long distances.



Why Hiking Is Good For Your Health

Why Hiking Is Good For Your Health

Hiking does not only serves as a recreational activity for fun and pleasure, it also has some huge health benefits that come with, huge benefits such as the boost in cognitive abilities, it helps burn calories and it helps fight against depression

For the sake of clarity, hiking is not the same thing as walking as a form of exercise.   A walking exercise may mean walking in shorter distances while hiking means walking longer distances and along your way, you may encounter nature trails like mountain climbing, walking on deep-sand beaches 

Studies have proved that your muscles, joints, and hearts function differently during hiking compared to just normal walk. The different ground slopes you come across when you hike also make it different from ground walking.

When you are walking especially on flat terrains you move with little or no effort unlike hiking, especially when you hike on rough terrains, engage mountain climbing, you will need to move up and down along the path and also move sideways-all this skyrocket your energy to a height high enough to burn few calories and improve your cardiovascular. 

As a matter of fact hiking on rough terrains escalates your energy levels by 28% compared to walking on the easy and flat surface.

However, everything has its limitation including hiking. Hiking is good no doubt! But you need to be careful. When trailing you need to avoid missing your steps. Missteps can cause sprain to occur in one or more ligaments of your ankle and that could lead to serious injury.

Before you engage hiking you may need to do some work-out on your leg so to allow your leg muscles build strength over time.

When engaging hiking is advisable to take cognizance of these following:

Get a map

It is advisable to get a map of the location your hiking will cover so to quickly find your steps back when going off track.

Hike with a partner

It is advisable not hike alone, you know two is better than one. Apart from the security it offers, it is also okay for maximum fun and pleasure.

Take plenty of water along

Don’t go for hiking without making provision for dehydration, stay hydrated by taking along enough water.

Benefits of hiking to your health

Engaging hiking frequently and regularly benefits your health tremendously:

It lowers risk of heart disease

Hiking lowers the risk of suffering from heart disease because it helps lower blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Hiking aid burning of calories

You just burn up to 500 calories if you can go one hour stretch, if you try to go for more than 2 hours, you will be burning nothing less than 1000 calories of excess fats in your body.

So if you craving for a slimmer stature, I advise you get your hiking boots and start hiking especially through the uneven terrains.

It reduces depression and anxiety

Your mood increases when you engage hiking thereby reducing depression.

Your anxiety levels also decrease when you hike because; hiking helps to quiet the mind and zero down your thoughts. Perhaps you get anxious a lot, I prescribe; yes I prescribe hiking for you. Start hiking and thank me later or you want to get something out of our mind, get outdoor and hike.

Hiking provides vitamin D to the body

Vitamin D is gotten from morning sunlight exposure therefore hiking early in the morning allows you to get a good amount of vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps to reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis, it lowers the risk of heart diseases and it helps in boosting weight loss– in case you need to lose some weight. It also makes your bone strong because it contains calcium.

Hiking boosts your cognitive abilities

Studies over time have established that people that tend to spend more time frequently in nature, hiking has improved cognitive abilities i.e. there is improve in the level of their reasoning and memory recollection.

If you engage in higher task like researching, managing, directing, constructing and you need a boost common! Get your hiking boots and hit the road because it improves the brain executive functions like decision making, problem-solving, working memory, sequencing, anticipation and emotional self-regulation.

Stress relief

The stress level seems to be at a constant level when we are going about our daily activities and this is not good enough. Taking some time off to engage hike aids reduction in blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

It increases energy levels

Hiking helps increase your energy levels by adding additional oxygen to your organs, muscles, skins and other body tissues. This additional oxygen helps to strengthen your lungs and muscles thereby increasing your ability to endure more and also increase your alertness.

So do you always feel tired or you are easily tired when you engage some exercises, if all these are true then you need to get your endurance level increase by engaging hiking.

It lowers the risk of cancer

if you don’t yet see the reason to engage hiking after reading what is listed above or you don’t even like hiking at all for some reasons best known to you.

I plead with you to engage hiking for the sake of fighting against this life-threatening disease.  Engaging in hiking frequently will help you lower the risk of breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

It reduces insomnia

Hiking frequently coupled with going to bed early will reduce insomnia drastically, so if you find it difficult to sleep engage energizing hiking and get a more refreshing sleep you deserve.

Prevention and control of diabetes

Hiking frequently helps prevent diabetes because through hiking you can lower your blood sugar and this happened because hiking provides a work out to your muscles thereby moving glucose to your bloodstream then converted to energy for use.

However, get your doctor’s advice if you are diabetic before you engage hiking, your medications may need to be adjusted.